City Setbacks...

On Tuesday I submitted the application/fee for the Conditional Use Permit. On Friday I get a call from the city...I need to have an environmental checklist (SEPA) completed and normally that is an additional $100! Also, I will be required to have one paved parking space for handi-capped. AND the city is unexpectedly left without a city planner so now the board won't be meeting until June 13th.

After all of that news I was discouraged and my emotions wanted to scream and holler, but deep down I had total peace about it so the emotions didn't win this time :-)

April Newsletter


Important Update...

Two weeks ago on a Friday morning I felt very strongly (one of the ways God speaks to us) that I was to go to the city of West Richland and find out if there was anything I needed to do as the property is located within city limits. Well, I did indeed need a business license as well as a conditional use permit due to the zoning on the property.

Hear the story of Horse Odyssey

This program will air on the local Tri-Cities television channel 49.1 (over the air) or channel 7 (cable) this Friday, April 19th at 6:00 p.m.

Or watch it here now :-)

My Hubby is Smart!

It's amazing what Eric will do for a kiss!  God blessed me with a very computer/technology savvy husband :-)

He has helped me get the website up and running, taught me how to add content, and he has now set up the "Donate" button!

If you desire, you can now donate to the Horse Odyssey Program through  Please note the donate button on the left side of the web page.

Click Here to go to the website now!

Purpose, Vision and Mission...

Since last fall I have been working on purpose, vision and mission statements...

Here is the result :-)


Love the least of these...

Children need to be loved. Loving kids through horses will bring healing to their lives.

God used this song by Audio Adrenaline to show me how the lives of children will be changed through the Horse Odyssey Program:

February Newsletter...

Check out my Horse Odyssey February Newsletter:

CLICK HERE to read it now :-)

One up for the goat heads...

Though I have bagged nearly 20 bags of the goat head weed plant, the little thorny seed pods still litter the ground in various places. The thorns are about the size of a pencil eraser, but sharp enough to pop bike tires, car tires...and yes, even dump cart tires!

Check out my short video!

See progress on the property cleanup:


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